Denmark, Ringkøbing, Houvig- Beach 05/2018

Houvig – Beach…the perfect place to relax and find yourself
Houvig Beach is located near the fjord „Stadil“ and is only 15 km away from Ringkøbing. Here you can enjoy wide beaches, the sea and the sea air.
Dunes landscape
The long dunes on the west coast of Jutland are unique in Europe – and a favorite destination for danish and foreign guests. The sheltered dells between the dunes give a good wind protection and are made to make it comfortable on warm spring days.
The dunes on the North Sea were created by the west wind. They cover the landscape like a soft and white blanket. If the resident dune conservation organization would not exist, the dunes would migrate slightly further east each year due to the wind. In most places, subsequently planted beach grass and beach rye now ensures that the dunes stay where they are.
The valleys between the dunes are an ideal place for sunbathing, cozy gathering with family and friends. There is always enough space to play and it is in most cases of the small cottages just 100 meters to have a swim in the North Sea or take a long beach walk.

The idyllic danish village is located 3 km north of Søndervig. It is located between the North Sea and a small fjord called „Stadil“. Surrounded by a dune landscape, heathlands and the extensive sandy beach, you can go on holiday in small typical Danish cottages. This wonderful dune landscape invites to swim, sunbathe, hike and cycle in the summer months. All sports enthusiasts will be satisfied by for example surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golfing and fishing.
The fjord „Stadil“ is very popular among nature lovers. Here you can observe the wonderful bird diversity of the North Sea.

Many shops nearby

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