About me

Hi my name is Daniela and i was born in 1978.
Since 2013, travelling and photography is no longer only my passion but an attitude torwards life to me.
I found that travelling to lot’s of places, to photograph landscape, people and motives is so much more than to picture a situation.
This two things together are the essential things to find yourself. It opens your mind and helps to become more sensual for the appreciation of reality. Since then i am able to see all those countless motives in the world with other eyes.
Because of that my Nikon D3200 is a truely companion every day.
As a blogger  and photographer i want to bring my daily impressions directly to your homescreen. Sometimes the effective spoil of hundrets of pictures is really poor, what makes me almost disappointed and a kind of self-critical.
At the end i am hopeful that the result of all my snapshots, my travelling impressions as well as the interesting daily storys and the practical hints belonging to lot’s of places, will wake up your wanderlust and your request for travelling.
I hope you find some inspirations for your next trip here.

your’s danvin

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